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Wine Circle Membership FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I switch my Wine Circle membership subscription preference once I have signed up?

Wine Circle Classic members are able to change their subscription preferences one week prior to a pick-up. When this change goes into effect will depend on the date of the next Wine Circle pick up and the date of the preference change request. 
What if I am not able to pick up my wines during the pick-up party?

There are benefits to picking up your wine during the pickup party such as special tastings, food, music, and activities. If you are not able to make it to the pickup party, stop by the tasting room during our open hours within 60 days of the release date and a staff member will be happy to assist in retrieving your wines. If wine is not picked up within that time frame, and no other arrangements have been made with the Membership Concierge, your wine will be shipped at your cost.
I will not be available to pick up my wines for an extended period of time. What are my options?

Shipping can be a great option, especially for those who spend the winter months elsewhere. Currently, we are able to ship wines to Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, Florida, Georgia, Montana, California, and Colorado (shipping and sales tax will vary by location). You may also authorize someone 21 or older to pick up the wines on your behalf. 
I thought that credit cards were processed just before Wine Circle pickup/shipment. Why did my credit/debit card not get charged this time?

The most common reason why this may occur is that credit/debit cards have likely expired or have changed. Contact the winery to update your payment information. If a member has more than two quarters' worth of unpaid wines, membership will automatically be suspended and charged $25 for a cancellation fee.
What if I am not receiving the Wine Circle e-newsletters?

If you’re not receiving the e-newsletters, check your spam filter or junk mailbox. If you’re still finding that you are not receiving that information, check with your Wine Circle concierge to verify your e-mail address. Please note that some corporate, state and government emails do not accept our communication software and could be rejected due to company firewalls. 

How much do the Wine Circle wines cost?

Although subject to change, we currently have red and white wines ranging in price from $15-$72 a bottle. WINE CIRCLE CLASSIC Red Only and Winemaker’s Choice memberships include red wines which can result in a slightly higher price point than the White Only.
WINE CIRCLE SELECT cases will include 12 bottles of the reserve, specialty, and/or limited-release red and white wines which are handcrafted and selected by our winemaker. Case prices are based on the wine that is selected for that quarter's release and will be 20% off the retail price as an added benefit. 
How will I know when the next quarterly pick-up is? 

Great question! Our primary method of communication is via e-mail using Constant Contact. We send out e-newsletters to inform our members of special announcements, upcoming winery events, and upcoming Wine Circle pickup details as they become available. Please note that if you unsubscribe from the e-newsletters; we will not be able to notify you of important membership details, such as Wine Circle pick-up details. 
Is there a fee to join the wine circle?

There is no fee to join our wine circle.