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Wine Circle Pick Up

Your next pick-up is:

October 27th from 3pm-6pm

October 28th from 1pm-6pm


Halloween is right around the corner and we all know what that means...candy! Whether it is left over from trick or treating or if you buy candy just for yourself Chankaska is here to help you pair those delicious, or not so delicious, candies with wine! This pick-up we will be pairing a variety of candies with the October release wines. We will also be offering incredible specials on wines and spirits! We invite you to dress up and have fun but please do not wear full facial masks. 


We will be pre-selling the 2016 Creekside Red and the 2016 Sangiovese!

30% off cases of wine (can mix and match)

20% off a bottle of Chankaska Spirits

20% off a bottle of wine (excludes the Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon) when you dress up! We want you to get creative, please do not come dressed as yourself!


Billing Information

Please let us know if your billing information has changed. Contact Courtney at Winecircle@chankaskawines.com to update your payment information.


Other Pick Up Options

If you are unable to join us during the Fall pick-up, your wine club selections will be available in the Tasting Room until December 27th. If you have opted to have your wine shipped, they will be sent out within a week of the release date. (some restrictions may apply)

Fall Wine Circle Wine Release


Red Only $45
2016 Creekside Red
2016 Sangiovese
White Only $47
2016 Reserve Chardonnay
2016 Gewurtztraminer
Winemaker's Choice $47
2016 Creekside Red
2016 Reserve Chardonnay


Red Wines  
2016 Creekside Red (2)
2016 Sangiovese (2)

White Wines
2016 Reserve Chardonnay (2)
2016 Gewurtztraminer (2)

Specialty Wines
2015 Four Oak Red (1)
North Forest Pumpa Krem (2)
Equinoce Reserve Brut (1)


* Please note prices and wines are subject to change. The pack prices above are pre-tax. If you have any questions about your membership, contact your Wine Circle Concierge, Courtney at winecircle@chankaskawines.com or call 507-931-0089.

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