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Unaged Apple Brandy

The Chankaska team basked in the bright, fruity, un-oaked aromatics that danced from the still while we were processing our first Apple Brandy. Realizing that this signature gem was destined to be aged in our barrels, our staff was adamant about sharing this exclusive un-aged sampling to our guests! Hence, our Unaged Apple Brandy was born from the same delicious apples used in our apple wine. Also known as eau-de-vie, or “water of life,” this is the pure expression of an Apple spirit: in the glass the aromas of a fresh, crisp slice of apple remind you of the richness of autumn.

Close your eyes, inhale... and imagine you’re standing under a tree bursting with ripe apples in the fall – that’s the personality behind this spirit.  As you sip, the fruitiness skips across your palate along with a hinting nudge of sweetness.  Enjoy this as a digestif after dinner, either neat or over ice.  Get crafty and use it instead of vodka in your favorite fruity cocktail, or mix it on the rocks with an artisan ginger ale or cider.

80 proof (40% alcohol by volume)
May 1st, 2016
May 1st, 2016

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12 375 ml unaged apple brandy